Les danses apprises durant la saison :


Les fiches ci-dessous sont destinées à aider nos adhérents dans leurs révisions. Même si certains termes sont traduits, elles respectent la fiche originale du chorégraphe qui reste la seule référence. Nul n’est à l’abri d’une erreur ou d’une faute de frappe, alors n’hésitez pas à nous les signaler.

2 hell and back   YouTube_SquareClapboard
3 day road   YouTube_Square
8 Ball  

A bitter lullaby   YouTube_SquareClapboard
A country boy’s life   YouTube_Square
A country high   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Adventure 45   YouTube_SquareClapboard
A little bit lit   YouTube_SquareClapboard
All shoop up  
All you need  
Always 17   YouTube_Square
American Kids   YouTube_SquareClapboard
An absolute dream   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Angel in blue jeans   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Another Country   YouTube_Square
Another crazy year   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Anyway   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Andalouse   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Anything goes  
Aw naw   YouTube_Square  Clapboard

Baby Belle   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Baby kisses   YouTube_Square
Bad about to happen   YouTube_Square
Beautiful day  
Beautifully broken   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Beer for my horses   YouTube_Square
Be there in your morning   YouTube_Square
Better times   YouTube_Square
Big blue tree   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Big city summertime   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Blaze of glory   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Bloodline   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Blue Cowboy   YouTube_Square
Blue note  
Born to love You   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Bound ta git down   YouTube_Square
Bring down the house   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Bring on the good times   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Bud light blue   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Bullfrog on a log   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Bush party   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Buzzin’   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Cabo San Lucas  
Cadillacs and caviar  
Carolina boys   YouTube_Square
Celtic Kittens  
Celtic slide  
Champagne promise   YouTube_Square
Chasing down a good time   YouTube_Square
Chasin’ tail lights   YouTube_Square
Cheap seats   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Cherry Bomb   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Chuck & cowboy   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Clear Isabel   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Codigo   YouTube_Square
Cloud 9   YouTube_Square
CMR Rah Rumba  
Come dance with me  
Come on down   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Corn don’t grow   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Country as can be  
Country girl shake  
Country roads   YouTube_Square
Country 2 step  
Country walkin’   Clapboard
Cowboy charleston  
Cowboy madison   YouTube_Square
Cowboy strut  
Crazy   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Crucified   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Damn!!!!!   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Dance of love  
Dancin’ the dust   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Day of the dead   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Dear friend   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Deeply completely   YouTube_Square
Desirable   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Dig your heels   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Disappearing tail lights 
Doin’ me wrong   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Doing the walk   YouTube_Square
Don’t let her be gone   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Down in the islands  
Down on your uppers  
Driven   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Drowning   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Drunk in heels   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Easy twist   YouTube_Square
Educated Man   YouTube_Square
Empty space   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Eyes for You   YouTube_Square
Eyes on You   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Fais dodo  
Flirtin’ & kissin’   YouTube_Square
For neige  

Galway Girls  
George Strait   YouTube_Square
Get it right   YouTube_Square
Get down the fiddle   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Go cat go  
God only knows   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Golden wedding ring   YouTube_Square
Gold digger  
Gonna get married  
Good girls gone bad   YouTube_Square
Good Time Girls   YouTube_Square
Ghost town   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Got a feeling   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Got a hole in my pocket   YouTube_Square
Green earth   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Groovy love   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Grundy gallop  
Gypsy Queen   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Half a Cha   YouTube_Square
Happy happy happy   YouTube_Square
Happy hour   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Hayley Jo   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Hey Girl   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Hickory Lake  
Hold   YouTube_Square
Hold the line   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Home to Louisiana  
Hooked on country  
Human aftter all   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Hungover   YouTube_SquareClapboard

If I could  
I got this too   YouTube_SquareClapboard
I got to Memphis  
I’m one of those   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Indian sound   YouTube_Square
It takes all kinds  

John Henry   YouTube_Square
Jo’n Jo Tango   YouTube_Square
JR   YouTube_Square
Just add moonlight   YouTube_Square
Just a Girl   YouTube_Square

Kick a little dirt around   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Knee Deep  

Lalali   YouTube_Square
Lay low   YouTube_Square
Let’s go there  YouTube_Square
Let’s go to Louisiana   YouTube_Square
Like coca cola in Hollywood   YouTube_Square
Lilly Rose  
Lindi Suffle  
Lips so close   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Little Miss Hayley Jo   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Little Sofia   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Little Wagon Wheel   YouTube_Square
Lock & load   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Locklin’s bar   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Lonely blues   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Lonely drum   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Lonely green eyes   YouTube_Square Clapboard
Lookout   YouTube_Square
Loveable hugable   YouTube_Square
Love is like   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Love You Forever   YouTube_Square

Mamma Maria   YouTube_Square
Midnight train   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Miss Congeniality   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Modern romance   YouTube_Square
Muntsa   YouTube_Square
My dear Juliet  

Nancy Mulligan   YouTube_SquareClapboard Clapboard
Need to breathe   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Nothing breaks like a heart   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Nothing but You   YouTube_Square
No vacancy   YouTube_Square   Clapboard

Oh me oh my oh   YouTube_Square
Old and grey   YouTube_Square
Old beach roller coaster   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Open Book  
Outta style   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Overrated   YouTube_SquareClapboard

P3   YouTube_Square
Patsy Fagan   YouTube_Square
Peligrosa   YouTube_Square
Perfect   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Piano Man   YouTube_Square
Pick a bale   YouTube_Square
Price of admission   YouTube_Square
Pure and simple   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Rain   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Ready to roll   YouTube_Square
Riser   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Rock’n roll is king   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Rock paper scissors   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Roots   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Safe haven   YouTube_Square
Second hand heart   YouTube_SquareClapboard
See ya Cecilia   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Seven   YouTube_Square
Shore Thing   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Silver lining   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Sixteen summer   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Small town summer   YouTube_Square
Sofia   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Soldier   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Some girls will   YouTube_Square
Something in the Water  
Somewhere in my car   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Soul shine pizza   YouTube_Square
Southern thing   YouTube_Square
Staring at the Moon   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Stay all night   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Stealing the best   YouTube_Square
Stop staring at my eyes   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Strait to the Bar  YouTube_Square
Strong bounds   YouTube_Square
Story   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Summer Fly  
Sunshine & Whiskey  
Sweet Darling  YouTube_SquareClapboard
Sweet hurt   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Tag on   YouTube_Square
Take me to the river   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Tell the world   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Temple bar   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Texas Time   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Texas Time EZ   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Text me Texas   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Thanks a lot 
That Man  
The Bank of the roses   YouTube_SquareClapboard
The Blarney roses   YouTube_Square
The boat to Liverpool   YouTube_SquareClapboard
The final test   YouTube_SquareClapboard
The Galway gathering   YouTube_Square
The harvester   YouTube_SquareClapboard
The long way home   YouTube_Square
The South   YouTube_Square
Thinkin’ country   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Those were the nights   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Ticket to the blues  
Till the day I go   YouTube_Square
To be in love   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Tornado   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Trinity   YouTube_Square
Turn’em on   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Twist & shake   YouTube_Square
Twist & Turns   

Ukulele swing   YouTube_Square
Untamed   YouTube_Square
Until I see you again   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Until the dawn   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Upside down   YouTube_SquareClapboard

Veneno  YouTube_SquareClapboard

Wagon wheel rock   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Wandering hearts   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Wasted time   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Water   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Wave on Wave  
Wayfaring Stranger  
We only live once  
Whatcha Reckon  
Wild nights   YouTube_Square   Clapboard
Whiskey bridges   YouTube_Square
White rose   YouTube_Square
White whisky   YouTube_Square
Whole again  
Why don’t you   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Wild Stallion  
Woman Amen   YouTube_SquareClapboard
WWW.West  YouTube_Square


Young again   YouTube_Square
You’re my Anthem   YouTube_SquareClapboard
You’re only young once   YouTube_SquareClapboard
Your side of town   YouTube_Square   Clapboard

Zig Zag  

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